For so many people today, traveling for business has become a fact of life, a chore in some cases! It’s not easy to be on the road all the time, sleeping in different beds, hardly ever eating a home cooked meal, hundreds of miles from friends and loved ones… but the cold hard truth is: that’s life for a lot of people. However, we’ve come up with a system of a tips to help make traveling less stressful, easier, and overall more fun for those of you out there that are constantly on the road.


  • Have a Business Bag Packed and Ready to Go With Everything Necessary
    • Go to one of your local big box retails or check out and look for a small travel bag. It should be small enough to carry on an airplane, yet big enough to hold everything necessary for your trips. In addition to your clothing, sure to have plenty of business cards and other promotional tools made up from Deluxe for Business, and keep them in a side pocket.
      • Also, you won’t want to forget to buy travel toiletries, especially if you fly a lot.


  • Book in Advance and Bundle to Save Money
    • Check any and all the big name discount travel websites for deals, and check them often. You may feel like they all run the same promos, but occasionally a gem will slip through the cracks and you can get lucky. You can also set up email reminders to alert you when there’s a good deal to somewhere that you frequent.
      • Bundle car, hotel, flight.
        • With these big discount sites, you can save A LOT buy bundling your airfare, hotel and rental car. Try to do this whenever possible.


  • Look for Rewards Programs
    • If you travel a lot, you should definitely look into frequent customer rewards programs with your favorite airlines and hotels. These rewards programs can be so great that after a year of necessary travel for work, you can take a personal trip with your points. They are definitely worth checking out.