The term “Hunt” called as performing some action in deadly manner. Hunting the living organism is not an easy thing which cannot be performed by everyone. There are certain techniques which must be plan before you enter into an action. If something goes wrong then the direction will change and then the hunter will become the target which may cause to death. Red deer is also called as red stag. This animal is special type of animal which can be seen only in few countries like New Zealand. Red deer can run as much as fast as normal deer and comfortable with cold season.

Now it’s become a season in New Zealand to hunt the red stag. There are thousands of acres available free in which thousands of red stags are surviving. This type of hunting has been very popular throughout this country and several people from various countries would also take part in it. This is mainly getting popular because of social media like hunting magazines, TV shows and hunting report center. Every hunter who visits New Zealand will surely participate in this hunting competition and most of them would like to hunt during the Roar exiting time. The red stag will only roar on certain duration of time which can be seen on very rare cases. During this time male stag would like to search for female stag to perform some action. During the roar session, they can be mainly found in territories. Red Stag Hunt New Zealand is famous in different part of countries as well as lodge will be accommodated for all hunters who want to join this south island.

Strategies For Hunting Red Stag

Every hunterhas their own style of hunting and different strategy needs to be followed for different animals like Lion, Tiger, and Crocodile etc. Time management plays the major part when you attack the animal. Weapon is another one which must be harder and sharper when you hunt the animals. Before getting into an action the person must get the advice from the professional hunter to kill the thing will be much safer. In order to hunt the red stag, the person must wait for roar session and the maximum distance from the hunter and red deer must be hundred yards. After that, take the position of your rifle and shot at the neck of the stag. The bow hunter must go with professional and experience person to shot the stag within twenty five to thirty yard distance. Before you shot the animal make sure that you are standing at the right position as well as the stag should not see anyone. The whether condition (early morning too cool) should be normal when the roar get started. This process will begin at September of every year in mountain area. Hunting normally takes place in both north and south islands during the period February and March. In most of the cases, red stag come out from velvet after twentieth of Feb. the physical strength of Red stag will be high at the beginning of March and the antlers will keeps dropping at the end of August.