A lot of times, magazines, and pop culture references talk a lot about what kinds of lifestyles are going to be the healthiest for you. But there’s also a different way to look at overall health – as an avoidance of bad lifestyle habits. These perspectives both get you to the same place, but they follow a bit of a different theoretical path.

So five things to avoid when it comes to lifestyle in order to make sure you live the healthiest existence possible would be addiction, a fixation on nightlife, making food the center of your attention, paying too much attention to exercise, or living too much of a sedentary lifestyle (i.e. getting stuck in front of the computer for too many hours per day).


Getting caught up in addiction is hard on your body, hard on your mind, and hard on your life. It may seem like such a minor step, to get into the activities that lead to addiction, but once you’ve moved too far along, at some point you will probably need addiction treatment to begin to live a normal life again.

The Permanent Club Fixture

If you’re in a situation where you have the funds to spend most of your time playing instead of working, it’s easy to get caught up in the nightlife. You can go to amazing nightclubs and dance your nights away, meeting interesting people and getting swept away in lights, music, and underground culture. However, too much of that kind of a good thing will eventually rob you of your sense of reality, and many people who would otherwise be healthy end up getting stuck in a loop of self-gratification that doesn’t mimic much of the outside world.


Whether it’s processed foods or a vegan diet, spending too much time focused on nutrition (unless you’re a chef) is going to eventually pull you into an unhealthy mentality. You can make yourself anxious with worry if you pay too much attention to what you eat, and that can even counteract the other benefits of eating in a balanced manner.

The Exercise Maniac

Exercise is healthy for sure. But too much exercise is not good. It’ll wear your body down and turn you into a bundle of aches and pains. And obsessing over exercise is even worse. If you can’t find a good mind/body balance that works along with the natural order of general social norms, you need to meditate and figure out where your path went on a tangent.

Sedentary Living

A lifestyle that probably affects more of us than would like to admit, being sedentary is simply not good for you. Spending too much time sitting down staring at a screen that’s an arm’s length away leads to serious health concerns with respect to musculature and blood flow.